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at Super Supplements® we are passionate about health, fitness and living a balanced lifestyle. we carry top local and national brands of vitamins, supplements, personal care products and sports nutrition that are made with attention to quality-and that make minimal impact on the planet. founded in 1994, Super Supplements operates 31 stores throughout the north west, and joined the Vitamin Shoppe® family in 2013.

we're a small company with family values. we treat our customers with care and our employees like family. our goal is to empower our health enthusiasts with the education they need to inspire our customers to live their healthiest lives.

meet our team of health enthusiasts
Jeff Thompson: district manager; acupuncturist i love this company for many reasons, but am most proud of our commitment to developing and growing our people.
Jeff Thompson
district manager; acupuncturist
Health Enthusiast since 2001
i joined Super Supplements 12 years ago after finishing acupuncture school to increase my knowledge of herbs and homeopathy to enrich my practice. i was originally hired as a pt sales associate and eventually worked my way up to the role of store manager in three stores. currently, i am now a district manager of 12 stores. i love this company for many reasons, but am most proud of our commitment to developing and growing our people. the success of our business begins with the education and training of our people. Super Supplements has been a leader in this area and I am proud to have been a part of it for so long.
Annie Lee Chim
health enthusiast
Health Enthusiast since 2005
i have been part of the Super Supplements family for a long time. It's wonderful to be in an environment where i am inspired by coworkers and customers to live healthier. i am able to bring what i've learned and share it with my family. the best part of coming into work is being able to help promote a healthy lifestyle.
Cynthia L
health enthusiast
Health Enthusiast since 2007
i have a passion for helping others to realize that there are simple natural ways to finding health. working at Super Supplements for nearly six years has given me the opportunity to fulfill this passion. it's exciting and very rewarding to work in an environment where daily testimonials of customers reflect the image of a company that truly cares about health and wellness. employee discounts free products and vendor training make it a great place to work.
Mike Gilpin
store manager
Health Enthusiast since 2008
the Super Supplements culture is what brought me on board and it's the culture that keeps me inspired every day. one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is that i am able to help customers reach their wellness goals each an everyday. it's a great feeling working for a company that is not only invested in their employees but also in their customers and community. Super Supplements is a company that has invested in my professional development. they have offered many paid leadership classes to help me further my skills. with the tools that i gained and the mentors that have helped me along the way, i am now a successful store manager.
Vickie Ratliff
health enthusiast
Health Enthusiast since 2006
i have been working in the health food and supplement industry for over 15 years. my passion started as a vegetarian cook in alaska and then grew once i realized how important nutrition is for my family and friends. since working for Super Supplements i have learned a lot about health and wellness from my peers and customers. i absolutely love the customers and the connections we have with one another; this is why i come to work each day. Super Supplements always has my back and is a great place to work.
Dean Macabitas
visual store project coordinator
Health Enthusiast since 2010
working for Super Supplements has given me the opportunity to learn and grow not only professionally but also in my health and wellness. every day i am surrounded by a team that encourages and promotes creativity with a positive attitude and challenges me to think outside the box. i've been able to meet and work with folks from all over the world in the vitamins and supplements industry, that have opened my eyes to how impactful super supplements is to not only our local community, but the entire industry as well. it's great to know that i am working for a company that promotes and educates our community in improving our health and wellness.
Quinn Pruitt
production artist
Health Enthusiast since 2011
being a part of the marketing team has given me the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects: monthly campaigns, in-store graphics, events and grand openings. all of these allow the customer to experience what super supplements is really about. i enjoy being a part of the super supplements because i get to be surrounded by people who care about what they do and have a passion about living a healthy lifestyle. working at super supplements is a great place to be challenged and supported to succeed.
Gary Grant
distribution center process manager
Health Enthusiast since 2009
i have worked for Super Supplements for a little over 4 years now and the journey with this company has been amazing. Super Supplements has created an energetic positive atmosphere for their employees to thrive in. what sets Super Supplements apart from other companies is its culture and passion for health and wellness.
Lisa Maddox
category manager
Health Enthusiast since 2010
i have been in the retail industry since i was 16, working in small towns and large cities, small private companies and large public companies, store sales, store management, sales planning and merchandise management. i've worked in the fashion industry, outdoor industry and supplement industry. i've spent most of my time as a category manager for very diverse categories of products and i have found managing a supplements business to be the most interesting so far. over the course of my career it became very important for me to spend my working hours in an industry focused on helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Super Supplements does just that, in an environment that's fast paced, challenging and with a group of people who are also dedicated and great to work with each day.