Which type of CBD is Right for You?

Non-detectable levels of THC

Contains a minimum of 2 or more naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids

Contains trace amounts of THC

Includes a range of 80-120 cannabinoids, terpenes, bioflavonoids, flavonoids, & fatty acids

All CBD starts as crude oil directly from the hemp plant. The oil is then refined to remove THC and other unwanted components. The full and broad spectrum classifications refer to the amount of cannabinoids still present in the product after the refining process.


Non-GMO | 100% U.S.-Grown Hemp
Full & Broad Spectrum Choices | 3rd Party Tested

These higher potency, broad spectrum CBD products are for those seeking CBD in solution-focused formulations, with non-detectable levels of THC.

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If you’re searching for a full spectrum, non-GMO CBD product with the benefits of all the naturally-occurring compounds—the wait is over.

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The 1st & only full CBD line certified THC-Free by Labdoor, for absolute assurance of non-euphoric effects.

Products include CBD-only formulas, and CBD+ formulas, with added clinically-studied ingredients for specific goals. Just added: topical skin care with Ayurevedic Botanicals.

Available in liquids, softgels, and great-tasting gummies.

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Irwin Naturals

High-quality CBD meets exceptional value.

Irwin Naturals creates formulas that make sense, with additional ingredients to compliment CBD’s overall desired results and address issues from sleep and mood to stress and more. Their wide variety of hemp extract products combine CBD with traditional botanicals, vitamins, and minerals.

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With two ounces of cannabis, the neighbor’s crockpot, and a balm recipe, CEO and founder Adam Grossman created the first version of Papa & Barkley’s signature product, Releaf Balm. Since then, using only premium, sun-grown, cannabis sativa (hemp) they’ve set out on a path to better the lives of millions and counting.

Papa & Barkley is:

  • Grown using organic and regenerative practices on US farms
  • Made using a clean, natural, and solvent-free lipid infusion process
  • Triple-tested and IGEN non-GMO tested
  • Pesticide- and cruelty-free
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Searching for body balance, co-founder Garrett Greller worked with a domestic, FDA-registered manufacturer to formulate a hemp-based natural solution. From this, Uncle Bud's was born. Now, you can experience the complete collection of hemp & CBD products including ultra-strength topicals, skin care, personal care and sun care.

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Charlotte’s Web is a CBD industry pioneer, creating reliable, high-quality, trustworthy products from tinctures to topicals, capsules, and gummies.

Quality standards extend from field to final product through:

  • Diligent soil testing
  • Use of proprietary seeds
  • Cultivation of plants on American family farms using sustainable methods
  • Full traceability at every step
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