Brand Quality

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Before our products get the green light

Quality is the foundation of the Vitamin Shoppe brand's business. bringing customers our high quality products requires many necessary steps; beginning with the initial formulation of an idea, then following through with the generation of a formula, manufacturing and packaging of the product, and ultimately culminating with the product being featured on our retail shelves.

Unsurpassed quality standards

To comply with FDA guidelines the Vitamin Shoppe:

There is an established specification for each raw material used, and any point, step, or stage in the manufacturing process where control is necessary to ensure quality. For example, each and every batch of raw material used in our products is inspected and analyzed for quality, purity and potency before being given the green light into the manufacturing process.

Personnel's responsibilities

Quality control personnel must ensure that the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding operations do not compromise the quality of the dietary supplement and that the dietary supplement is packaged and labeled as specified in the master manufacturing record. This master manufacturing record is unique for each batch size and supplement formulation we develop. This procedure ensures uniformity amongst the finished products.

Watch out for our new label design

We've redesigned our labels into 3 simple segments:

Vitamins & Minerals


Specialty (rare or hard to find products)

New easy-to-read, consumer-friendly product details

We've removed any wordy fluff to bring you just the facts about the products you want.
All our bottles now feature an accurate pill image - 100% true-to-size, so you can determine if it's right for you before purchase.
Your safety is important to us above all else so we've designated a panel specifically for allergy and precautionary diet call outs.
New color-coded, easy to read info makes it simple to identify the exact category and product(s) you're looking for.
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Laboratory & post production process

Modern laboratory facilities perform the necessary testing to determine whether:

  1. components used meet specifications of identity, purity, quality, composition and lack of contamination;
  2. in-process specifications are met as specified in the master manufacturing record; and
  3. dietary supplements meet final product specifications.

Only appropriate, scientifically valid methods for testing are used, ensuring that all specifications are met in addition to the testing of every final product, we also work closely with through their certification process and we randomly send products to third-party, outside labs for verification of potency and purity. The Vitamin Shoppe was even the first company to introduce a line of sports nutrition products that are all NSF Certified for Sport (this testing program identifies substances within a supplement that might be banned by major sports organizations).

Our quality promise

We promise that our customers' health, safety and peace of mind will always be our top priority. We will continue to strive for the highest quality standards in the dietary supplements industry. our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations in product quality, service and price, and consistently deliver pure, high-quality dietary supplements you can trust.

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