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California Supply Chain Act Disclosures

Vitamin Shoppe is committed to maintaining a supply chain free of forced labor, unsafe working conditions and human trafficking and we require our suppliers to be similarly committed.

We will not knowingly purchase merchandise whose manufacture involved the use of any labor where workers are not provided wages or safe working environments as required by law. We require our suppliers to comply with all applicable federal, state, local and international laws relating to the manufacture and production of products sold to Vitamin Shoppe, including compliance with all applicable laws relating to labor compensation, working conditions, slavery or human trafficking. If we become aware that any supplier is out of compliance with any applicable local, national or international labor or human trafficking laws, Vitamin Shoppe will take appropriate responsive action, which could include suspending shipments of a supplier’s merchandise and/or terminating the business relationship.

Guide to Vendor Partnership – Certification and Oversight

To facilitate Vitamin Shoppe’s commitment to these and our other values, we have established a Guide to Vendor Partnership (the “


”). All suppliers of products sold through our stores and website are required to be familiar with and consent to the terms of the Guide. Before starting to do business with the Vitamin Shoppe, these suppliers must first make legally binding representations to us that, among other things:

• They will be in full compliance with all applicable governmental, legal, regulatory and professional requirements, including all applicable laws, codes and regulations related to fair trade, labor, employment, working conditions, and worker health and safety;

• No conflict minerals will be contained in or necessary to the functionality or production of any merchandise delivered to the Vitamin Shoppe. “Conflict minerals” means any mineral or its derivatives, the exploitation and trade of which is determined by the U.S. Secretary of State to be financing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo or an adjoining country.

Training and our Standards of Business Conduct

Vitamin Shoppe understands that in order to properly hold our suppliers accountable to our ethical standards, our health enthusiasts (the title we use for our employees) must first understand what those standards are and why they are important. Accordingly, we have established Standards of Business Conduct (the “


”) that all health enthusiasts must read, familiarize themselves with, and agree to abide by throughout their tenure at the Vitamin Shoppe.

Through the Standards, health enthusiasts learn the four fundamental values of the Vitamin Shoppe: integrity, excellence, teamwork, and accountability. Health enthusiasts are taught that these fundamental values should always be considered when making business decisions.

Internal Accountability

Taking action to prevent problems is part of the Vitamin Shoppe’s culture. As such, health enthusiasts are required to report actual or possible violations of laws of which they become aware, including a supplier’s violation of applicable laws relating to labor compensation, working conditions, slavery or human trafficking. Any health enthusiasts who are aware of such possible violations but fail to report it to the appropriate individual or individuals are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.