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With Healthy Awards®, you'll become a member of an exclusive group of wellness-minded individuals who reap the benefits of working towards their health and performance goals.

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It’s simple. Earn a point for every dollar you spend at The Vitamin Shoppe®. From protein and muscle builders to vitamins, supplements and more, we’ve got you covered. Online or in-store, the more you spend, the more you’ll earn. Every body deserves Healthy Awards®.

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How it Works

We’ll add up your points every quarter and you’ll earn a $5 award certificate for every 100. No matter what your goals are, with Healthy Awards®, you’ll be one step closer to results. Visit us in-person or online and start racking up those points today. Simply use your card every time you shop, and we'll keep track of your points automatically with each purchase.

New Quarterly Awards: $5 in rewards for every 100 points

Exclusive Access

In addition to points you can redeem for products, you’ll get member-only access to:

  • Advance sales and special promotions
  • Healthy Awards® coupons
  • Invitations to in-store events including celebrity appearances, health screenings and seminars
  • Tips and info on health, wellness and nutrition.


Spend $1,000 or more in a year at The Vitamin Shoppe® and you’ll be automatically enrolled in our VIP program. What does that mean? You’ve invested in yourself and we’re returning the favor with exclusive benefits including:

  • Early access to sales, special offers and new products
  • Free magazine subscriptions
  • VIP-only coupons
  • Invitations to VIP member events

Two Ways to Join

Healthy Awards® is totally free to join.

Next time you visit The Vitamin Shoppe®, just ask a friendly Health Enthusiast® about joining Healthy Awards®. They'll open an account for you on the spot and you can start earning points immediately.

You'll be automatically enrolled in Healthy Awards® when you shop online from the day of your first purchase.

How to Claim Your Awards

You can redeem your award wherever you shop—online, or in-store. Have your certificate handy when you make your purchase.

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Why are you changing the Healthy Awards Program?

We received feedback from our customers saying they’d like to receive multiple periods of awards redemption throughout the year. Our new Healthy Awards® program allows you to earn and redeem your points once a quarter instead of just once a year.

So I earn points quarterly, what does that mean?

There are four quarters throughout the calendar year, which will correspond with the accrual of your Healthy Awards® points. The first quarter is January 1st through March 31st. The second quarter is April 1st through June 30th. The third quarter is July 1st through September 30th. The fourth quarter is October 1st through December 31st. You'll earn $5 in awards quarterly for every 100 points. For example, earn 100 points and receive an award for $5 in merchandise, earn 200 points and receive an award for $10 in merchandise, earn 300 points and receive an award for $15 in merchandise.

Quarter 1 Earn from:
Jan 1 - Mar 31

Redeem thru:
June 15
Quarter 2 Earn from:
Apr 1 - Jun 30

Redeem thru:
Sept 15
Quarter 3 Earn from:
Jul 1 - Sept 30

Redeem thru:
Dec 15
Quarter 4 Earn from:
Oct 1 - Dec 31

Redeem thru:
March 15

How long do I have to redeem my award certificate?

You'll have 60 days from the time of issue to redeem your reward. The exact expiration date will be reflected on your award certificate.

I shop on the website and The Vitamin Shoppe® stores when I travel. Will all my purchases count towards my awards?

Yes. All purchases you make both in-store and online at will accrue points towards your quarterly awards certificate.

How do I redeem Healthy Awards® points?

We automatically track your points every quarter. At the end of the quarter, we’ll total up your points and if you qualify, we’ll send your award certificate to redeem for free merchandise within 60 days.

My points balance seems incorrect when I check my total on What should I do?

Please allow 48 hours for recent purchases to appear. For questions about your points balance, please contact us via our feedback form.

Can I give my points or certificate to someone else?

No. Healthy Awards® points and certificates are non-transferable.

Do I earn points for ordering from The Vitamin Shoppe® store at,,,, and


Can I redeem my award certificate at any other website or retailer?

No. You can only redeem your Healthy Awards on our website or at any of our retail locations.

Do I earn points when I purchase gift cards?

No, but the person you give the gift card to will earn points when they use it.

What if the Healthy Awards® number displayed doesn't match the one on my Healthy Awards® card?

If a different number appears upon login, don't worry. This means that our database recognizes you as having multiple accounts, or that you've asked us for a replacement card. The number displayed is the main number and the accounts have already been combined to ensure you receive all your points.

Do I earn points when I use my Healthy Awards® certificate?

No. Healthy Awards® certificates can only be earned from actual dollars spent. For example, if you make a $10 purchase with a $5 certificate, you earn 5 points.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum level to earn merchandise credit value is 100 points. Maximum credit value available to be earned is $200 per quarter, with the accumulation of 4,000 points. Points are earned with store, website and phone purchases. Points accrue quarterly, excluding shipping, handling, tax, gift card purchases, coupon discounts, award certificate redemptions and returns, and are totaled based on dollars spent. If you have enough points to qualify for an award at the end of any quarter, The Vitamin Shoppe® will send an awards certificate for you to use within 60 days on any single purchase. Existing points cannot be rolled over into a following accounting period and will be re-set at the end of each quarter. You can redeem your certificate for any single purchase online or in-store. Your credit won’t be applied to toward the cost of shipping or tax. Points cannot be redeemed for cash, cash equivalent, gift cards, or be applied to account balances. You can only redeem your points after you have received your award certificate.

The Vitamin Shoppe® reserves the right to alter, amend, or cancel this offer with or without notice. By signing up for the Healthy Awards® program, you agree to the above program terms and conditions. For further assistance, call 1-800-223-1216 or visit our feedback form.

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