About Us

what matters...caring matters

At the Vitamin Shoppe, we care equally about our customers and the people we entrust to address our customers' needs. So we make sure to hire health enthusiasts who are passionate about health & fitness and helping others to attain their wellness goals. We’re steadfast in our mission of fostering a community of like-minded, health-inspired people.

Health enthusiasts™

We train all of our health enthusiasts on how to provide awesome service. We achieve this by recognizing that every body is unique and has individual needs. So whether you have new weight management goals in mind or you simply want to implement a healthier fitness regimen, we're here to give you guidance and accurate product information so you're armed with the tools you need for success. You can always trust we have your best interest in mind. Our health enthusiasts will never "push" products on you or engage in commission based selling. It's simply not our style.


We're steadfast in our efforts to foster a community of health-inspired people. We invite our customers to participate in our frequent in-store Share the Health® events, where they can sample, enjoy and learn about our vast lines of healthy lifestyle products. Beyond our stores we're there for our customers on social media – just ask our 1.5 million+ fans on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and Pinterest!


We are proud to collaborate with organizations that support health and wellness initiatives. Our charitable giving partnerships include Vitamin Angels, which helps at-risk populations, both internationally and in the United States, gain access to vitamins and minerals. We also partner with organizations local to our Customer Support Center, such as the New Jersey Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, which works to improve the quality of life for people affected by MS, the Hudson County, New Jersey chapter of the Special Olympics organization and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. We look forward to connecting with our customers...because caring matters.

what matters...knowledge matters

Nobody likes a know-it-all...but sometimes being one is a good thing. Our health enthusiasts are among the most knowledgeable and highly trained in the wellness industry. All of our in-store and live chat product specialists are required to pass a vigorous, multi-tiered range of courses at Vitamin Shoppe University, our proprietary online learning website. We supplement that (pun intended) with "the daily dose": daily training classes for our in-store health enthusiasts to keep them up to speed on the latest products and developments in the industry. Our health enthusiasts are among the most knowledgeable and highly trained in the wellness industry.

Insight & inspiration

We also hold our annual product education conference, (the PEC) which is the second largest health and wellness convention in America. The PEC unites over 200 vendors, (whom we like to refer to as wellness partners) and over 700 store managers from all over the country. During this inspiring and informative 4 day event, our health enthusiasts gain insight to our vast product offerings and current trends in the wellness industry. This convention provides a great opportunity for store managers to share all the new information they've acquired with their customers. It’s important for us to keep our customers in the know and informed. We do so through educational emails, informative digital newsletters and through our constantly updated website. We’re committed to bringing you expert information...because knowledge matters.