Our supplements are free of hormones, impurities, and artificial anything. And featuring safe, natural ingredients for athletes who demand sports nutrition with integrity and pure performance with no compromises.

All True Athlete products are Certified for Sport by NSF International, an independent, accredited non-governmental organization whose mission is to develop public health and safety standards to test and certify products and systems to the highest caliber.

The Certified for Sport program is recognized by countless major sports organizations across the globe for defining the standard that athletes should expect from the supplements they take. True Athlete products have been rigorously tested for more than 270 banned substances and potentially harmful contaminants.

Cleaner Sports Nutrition Solutions

Pure Pre

Pure Pre will kickstart your performance with the aid of caffeine from natural sources, plus other key ingredients to keep you activated and engaged. This naturally flavored pre-workout serves as a great option for anyone with an athletic mind-set looking to avoid artificial flavors.

Pairs well with: obstacle courses, CrossFit, amateur/pro sports, and cycling.

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Endurance and Recovery is a naturally flavored intra/post-workout with BCAAs and additional ingredients to help fight fatigue and maintain performance during training—without stimulants or artificial flavors. It promotes oxygen efficiency and includes L-ornithine, an ingredient that supports ammonia removal in the urea cycle to fight fatigue. It also includes amino acids for muscle recovery.

Ideal for daily endurance or as recovery drink mix.

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Whey Protein

Serious about building muscle and conscientious about what you put into your body? Meet your swolemate.

Natural Whey Protein provides key nutrients to help you gain muscle mass and achieve your personal best in fitness and performance. All while supporting healthy digestion with enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics from rBGH-free whey protein concentrate.

Available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and unflavored.

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We Are for True Athletes

The ones who rise before dawn, run after dark, train hard, eat clean, and obsess over time, distance, and record. The ones who break their own boundaries. Push their own potential. Set their own standards. Become their own best. And never settle for anything less.

That's the True Athlete way.

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Our True Athlete® brand products are put through 320 rigorous quality assurance steps , and ingredient purity and potency are verified by independent, third-party labs. You can feel confident that all products from The Vitamin Shoppe® family of brands meet or exceed industry quality standards.

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True Athlete

When you are pushing yourself to be your best, you want your pre-workout and supplements to do the same! Get the most out of each workout with True Athlete performance products that support you before, during and after a workout. True Athlete products are clean and naturally sourced performance supplements to help you perform at your highest level.

True Athlete Supplements

True Athlete supplements are created with serious athletes in mind that have fitness goals and prefer clean and natural products. True Athlete’s brand pillars align with this type of mindset as all our products are:

  1. Tested by unbiased trusted 3rd party testing facility.
  2. Clean and free of over 270 banned substances earning True Athlete products a “clean label.”
  3. Safe as the ingredients are NSF Certified for sport and all ingredients are clearly listed on the product’s label.

True Athlete Whey Protein

True Athlete natural whey protein helps support your body in the development of muscle and supports you in achieving your fitness goals. Discover True Athlete protein in three great flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored.

The key ingredients in True Athlete protein help to:

  1. Support muscle growth and recovery
  2. Supports healthy digestion since it is packed with enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics

True Athlete Pre-Workout

Before hitting the gym, the trail or even an obstacle course add True Athlete BCAA powder to your shaker bottle for the boost that will push you to the next level! You can trust the ingredients are clean and the caffeine is from natural sources as True Athlete’s products are always carefully created for those with an athletic mindset and respect for their body.

The key ingredients include:

  1. VergiSurge, a natural caffeine to support endurance
  2. ElevATP from ancient peat and apple extract to support energy production
  3. Creatine, L-citrulline and CarnoSyn beta-alanine to support performance

Where to Buy True Athlete Products

When you are ready for cleaner, safer performance supplements find True Athlete protein, pre-workout, hydration powder and supplements at The Vitamin Shoppe. Shop online and get free shipping on orders over $25!