Make it count challenge

March marks the third and final phase of our Challenge (and the start of National Nutrition Month!). You're in a groove and seeing results–which makes the next month of training the most crucial. The new plans, with training and nutrition regimens created by Dymatize athletes and trainers, will help ensure you stay on a steady track to the finish line.

Select the plan that most closely matches your goals for this year, and let's crush our resolutions together.

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Goal: Start a healthy routine and shed pounds

Jessica used to exercise regularly and eat healthy until life got in the way. Currently at her heaviest weight ever, she’s looking to turn it around for 2017.

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Goal: get "huge" and cut fat

A diehard fitness buff, it’s all about the gains. Carl’s training split is 4 main days, under the Wendler 5-3-1 theory, and 2-3 accessory/cardio days. He eats 4-6 meals per day with very few carbs.

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Goal: mix up workouts and build muscle

Lauren works out every day and eats healthy. Though she’s made a lot of progress, recently she’s hit a wall.

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The starting line

  • 3 different, month-long training programs designed by industry experts that match the goals you share with our Health Enthusiasts®
  • Video training tips as well as regular Facebook Live check-ins
  • Blog articles on our Health Enthusiasts® progress
  • Encouragement from other participants taking the Challenge at #VSMakeItCount